We started fitting porcelain tiles a few years ago at our customers’ request. Having worked entirely with stone and wood, at first we were apprehensive about working with porcelain. Perhaps surprisingly, we found we liked it as porcelain offered a number of different looks.


Being a highly durable material, Porcelain is an ideal choice for use outdoors. It provides the opportunity to create that indoor/outdoor look, making the transition between home & garden seamless.

With a range of matching 20mm tiles available also, a whole new world of garden design opens up. We are big fans of a new raised pedestal system. It allows you to set your falls in the slab below, whilst keeping your patio perfectly level – very clever! Pop in to the showroom for a demonstration.

Large Format

Porcelain manufacturing technology has come a long way in the past few years and there is no better example of this than large format porcelain slabs. With sizes of up to 1.5 x 3m available they offer a whole range of applications, from shower walls to expansive floor areas and even the manufacture of furniture! Have a read of our blog post for some more information.