We start with perfection in mind.

With any new flooring project, there are a number of approaches available to you. You could do the work yourself, you could employ an individual subcontractor, or you could give the work to your local builder. Alternatively, you could use Naos.

If you do use us, as with most of our customers, we really hope it’s someone you know who’s recommended you do. Naos was founded to provide a level of know-how, quality of work, and project management not readily available in the market.

We are a local business who depend heavily on recommendations, meaning our reputation is our number one priority. We need happy customers and our approach is geared towards achieving this time and time again. Click below to view our testimonials.

Lukewarm sentiments from our clients simply will not do, we need top marks to secure referrals every time!

Value for money

If you come to Naos, it will cost more than some other options. This is no surprise to us, as it costs more to do things the way we do them. We supply quality products, we have experienced and knowledgeable staff, and we fully manage your project. All too often we hear about projects that cost perhaps two-thirds of our price, but the client received poor work and poor service. The client ends up disappointed in the project and invariably spends more money to put it right. This drives us mad!

Quality products

Despite the large range of products that we offer, at Naos we prefer to deal with few suppliers. These suppliers are located across the globe, and we have built relationships with them during our years in the industry. This ensures a high quality of materials and an impeccable level of service from our suppliers.

We simply cannot have unacceptable materials or delays in delivery which would cause havoc with our schedule, and impact our customer’s projects.

Quality fitters

Securing a product through a trusted supplier is only half the battle. For the perfect project, you need outstanding fitters. Good guys are hard to come by and we have found just a handful of people who can produce the type of work to the standard we require.

Other businesses operating in our sector often complain that their employees cause them headaches. Not so with Naos! Our team are excellent, and are responsible for our great reputation. We have piles of customer surveys praising our fitters.

We take a long-term view.

Continuity of supply is more important to us than a cheap ‘job-lot’. Occasionally a client needs more of a product, or a repair, 5 years down the line. By maintaining a long-term relationship with our suppliers, we ensure this is possible and we can buy a few more meters of the same product to achieve the best match.

We offer our informal Naos guarantee for all our work. If there’s a problem, we’ll come back and fix it. If it gets damaged, we come back and repair it. We recently repaired a floor which we installed eight years ago – it’s a long story but the client’s happy! If your kitchen company drags a big fridge across your brand new floor then don’t worry, we can fix it.

It’s our reputation, and it’s important to us.