So you’ve had your beautiful stone floor installed, it’s looking amazing and you are looking forward to showing it off to your friends. So how do you keep it looking pristine?

With a little bit of common sense and by following these key guidelines your stone floor can look as good as the day it was installed for years to come.

As with most things in life prevention is better than cure! So by reducing the potential for damage you will be ahead of the game. So always make sure you have a good barrier mat and ideally operate a shoe free zone which will immediately reduce the amount of dirt and debris that comes in to contact with your floor. You can also prevent damage by using felt pads under furniture and when the inevitable spillage occurs, from the kids at breakfast or that cheeky glass of red while you are cooking the supper, wipe it up straight away.

When it comes to cleaning keep it simple! Keep on top of the dust and dirt with a regular sweep or hoover and mop regularly with the recommended natural soap product that you would have been provided with when you had your floor installed. This not only keeps the floor beautifully clean it also helps to protect it.

When Naos installed your floor you would have been given a demonstration on how to clean and maintain your particular floor together with a cleaning kit with the appropriate products. This is absolutely key to prolonging the natural beauty of your floor as certain household cleaners are too abrasive and/or aggressive to use with natural stone.

So there you have it! Prevent damage by protecting your floor from unnecessary wear and tear and act quickly when the inevitable spill occurs. Coupled with a regular cleaning regime using the right products and your floor will remain looking pristine for years to come.

We stock a full range of care and maintenance products here at Naos for all types of floors. Pop in and see us to pick up your cleaning supplies and to get expert advice. We are always on hand to help.

For further information on recommended products, see here.

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