Porcelain has become established as an ideal choice for outdoor use.  Now more than ever 20mm porcelain is coming in to its own with a wider range of designs and styles available. This is in part a reflection of the development in technology and also a reflection of changing lifestyles.  With the widespread adoption of large-scale kitchen diner extensions connecting the inside with the outside through large expanses of glass.

New Exterior Porcelain Design Inspired by Quartzite

There has been a subsequent demand for external materials to match and/or co-ordinate with internal flooring choices. And with its practical nature, porcelain has become a real material of choice. It can be bedded in sand and cement much as you would lay a traditional stone patio.  Or if you are looking to create a more informal look, or a pathway, then the slabs can simply be bedded in gravel or laid on a level lawn.

20mm Slabs laid traditionally & less traditionally!

There is also a third less widely known option of laying 20mm porcelain, which is to sit the slabs on adjustable pedestals which can be very useful on a sloping site.

Naos Showroom

Here you can see the pedestal method of laying in use at the Naos showroom at the recently updated outdoor porcelain display, complete with deckchair!

Golden Stone Porcelain on Pedestals

It is also worth noting that you can use almost any solid bodied 10mm porcelain externally, providing it is laid on a stable base such as a concrete slab and then fitted with tile adhesive and ditra matting for flexibility and to prevent cracking; much as you would fit an internal porcelain floor.  This naturally opens up the choice of materials available to use, although caution is required with regard to suitability and slip resistance in our varied climate!

We are happy to advise on suitability of use for all the materials that we supply and can advise you accordingly.

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